United Biscuits (UB) is aiming to grow biscuit sales by £88m over the next five years, by helping convenience stores optimise their range offer.

The Better Biscuits, Best Sellers initiative aims to offer advice on which biscuit brands to stock and how to market them, using data from market research agency IRI.

Advice is tailored to outlet type, split between forecourts and symbols, and fixture size. It is being distributed through a variety of methods including UB’s field sales team, retail magazines and a relaunched Better Biscuits, Better Business website.

The material includes details of the 50 best-selling brands in forecourts and the 50 best in symbols and independent stores, calculated by a combination of both cash and unit rates of sale.

Amanda Kurylowski, UB impulse category controller in the UK, said: “As the biggest supplier of biscuits in the UK, UB has invested in this initiative to ensure that its customers can maximise the potential that the biscuit category offers, but has yet to fully realise.

“Better Biscuits, Best Sellers will help to unlock new opportunities and sales growth for the trade. Shoppers will benefit because their favourite products will be available to them in more outlets and their needs will be met through simpler and more inspiring fixtures. Product duplication will be reduced and merchandising improved through clearer brand and product blocking.”

UB recently announced there was a £500m growth opportunity in the total UK biscuit market.