Welcome to the new-look British Baker, incorporating Bake & Take magazine! We are bigger, brighter and there are other major developments too.

We have more pages, so there will be more to read in each issue. And, just as the baking industry has seen a lot of consolidation and change in recent years, British Baker has followed suit, so from now on, we will publish fortnightly.

However, those of you who like to keep up-to-date with our unrivalled news coverage will be able to find it every day on our new-look website - [http://www.bakeryinfo.co.uk]. In addition, our new website has links to other events, such as the Baking Industry Awards, where you will be able to download entry forms to fill in and send off. Please hurry, as there is just over a month to go until the deadline and there’s a category for everyone!

We cannot bring you all the elements of our new look in a single issue but, over the following fortnights, we shall look at businesses small and large, from traditional craft bakers and café owners to supermarket bakers and buyers and from bakery food manufacturers to plant bakers, plus, of course, ingredients and machinery, both essential to the bakery sector. We also have imaginative recipes lined up, from sandwich fillings to chocolate logs for all seasons!

And, of course, we will include the very element that gives this industry its heart and its passion - the people - whether it is Jonathan Warburton putting his signature to every family loaf, a craft baker baking the freshest bread possible, or sandwich and café owners vying for the best ambience and best offering of baked goods.

Our regular columnists will keep us on our toes and we will discuss all manner of issues affecting the baking industry. But one person we would really like to hear from is YOU. Please tell us what you think of our new look and contents. Email our friendly senior secretary Liz Ellis at: elizabeth.ellis@william-reed.co.uk and she will collate all your comments.

I will be at Baking Industry Exhibition from Sunday 6 to Wednesday 9 April, so I hope to see you there!