Street-food business Bunnychow, which has recently opened a site in Soho, is encouraging people to “Love [their] Loaf”, as it prides its business around using artisan bread to contain hot fillings. 

In a campaign which it calls the ‘edible lunchbox’, Bunnychow uses four types of loaves, baked by the London Bakery, which are hollowed out to house its variety of fillings, such as curries and breakfasts.

Atholl Milton, managing director of the business, said: “We have created the idea that is a portable, edible lunchbox. It works perfectly for food-on-the-go as you don’t need a take-away box. We did some tests and, once the lid is on the box, we found the filling stays warm for 15 and even 20 minutes.

“We embrace the bread - really good bread is not bad.”

The African street-food-style site has had a range of loaves designed for it especially by the London Bakery. The range includes white, cereal and seeded loaves, brioches and a gluten-free loaf.

The business, which opened in October 2014, is slowly growing, and said it would aim to open two to three more sites around London by the end of summer, before looking to branch out.

Milton also said he would be developing a range of sweet ‘Bunnys’, and had been testing using brioche filled with ice creams and sorbets.

According to UK media, this is a new sort of ‘movement’ coming to bread, and Bunnychow is not the only place to use the concept.

The Barge House café also uses a hollowed-out loaf to contain a range of breakfast options.

Debbie Malynn at the café told the London Evening Standard that the use was even persuading anti-bread eaters to indulge in a loaf. She said: “Ninety per cent of guests who say they don’t eat bread find themselves devouring the whole thing. They also like the simplicity of only having two options – vegetarian or meat – although we are discussing black pudding and truffles making their way into the loaf. For the summer, a slight spice would be lovely, we think.”