Anne-Marie Groves

I like Granary bread. I like to eat all the different types of brands, so that I don’t get bored with the same one.

My husband and I don’t just eat Granary because it’s healthy, we really like the taste of it too. I just get it from the supermarket rather than the bakers, because it’s more convenient. I can then get all my groceries together, instead of making a special trip just to buy bread.

I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, so I never buy cakes and things like that. I would love to see a smaller-sized loaf because, often, a bit of it goes to waste.

I had no idea that there were laws in this country dictating the weight of bread.

Mary Harcourt

I like white bloomers from the Bakers Oven chain. They are my favourite and I eat them often. I also enjoy eating brown bread loaves. I never buy sliced because crusty bread has its own appeal. I like to cut it myself. That way it lasts longer.

I’m a diabetic, so have to be really careful about what I eat, although I do treat my family by buying jam doughnuts and iced buns.

Alan and Jenny Vaughan

Our son lives in France, so when we go to visit him, we love going into French bakeries or supermarkets to buy baguettes, bread and pastries.

We love croissants, Danish pastries and products like that. The French are excellent at making these. Back in England, we tend to buy white sliced bread, but do not have a preference for any particular brand.

We also eat tea- cakes, crumpets and similar items.

Monica Piwko

There are no independent craft bakers in Crawley town centre. I’m Polish, and my favourite type of bread is Polish bread made from a mix of wheat and rye. I get this from a bakery near where I live.

I also buy wholemeal rolls from Sainsbury’s, but I hardly ever eat white or brown sliced loaves. And I don’t like toasted bread at all. It would be nice to see more Continental bread in the shops in this country. I hope we will see more and more.

Julie Denman

I get fresh bread from Asda, and I always buy sliced bread to save time.

Occasionally, I buy French bread and baguettes and, sometimes, sausage rolls and cakes, but I try not to eat these too often as they’re unhealthy.

I sometimes buy brown bread for myself and my husband, but most of the time, just white.

I’ve never made bread or even tried to - there’s not much point when you can buy it cheaper in the supermarket.