Whatever you want, if tailor-made horizontal flow-wrapping machines and automatic feeding systems are your thing.

I like my tailoring bespoke

Then SynchroPACK/SynchroFEED would be the company for you. They manufacture a complete range of modular and fully electronic flow-wrapping systems and feeding and handling systems to integrate process equipment with the flow-wrapper.

I like to go with the flow

Then SynchroPACK offers three principal ranges: top film reel holders, for regular products; bottom film reel holders, for irregular and/or fragile products; and top and bottom film reel holders, for four-side sealed packs and strings for thin products.

Feed me first

They can do that with: row distribution systems, suitable for handling all those oven-baked products produced in rows; high-speed biscuit and wafer handling systems, to convey, accumulate, group, collate and feed all types of biscuits, or wafers either on ’flat’ or ’on-edge’ packaging presentations; systems suitable for very delicate products that cannot withstand any pressure; ones for uniform product arrival and for products that can withstand sustained pressure; and systems for poorly ordered or random product arrival.