An easy way of packaging shortbread fingers - one of the trickier bakery and confectionery products to wrap because they are brittle and tend to crumble during the packaging process. The system is based around the Redpack P325 flow-wrapper, which is found in many bakery and confectionery production units.

Do explain

This packaging line successfully handles primary wrap, automatic secondary collation and multipack overwrap, and eliminates the many problems previously experienced by the manufacturers of shortbread fingers and similar products.

Don’t spare me the details

Shortbread fingers are hand-fed into two feeders mounted over the first flow-wrapping machine infeed. The fingers are fed from each feeder, two high, and transported along the conveyor for primary wrapping. The shortbread fingers are then fed onto a 90-degree conveyor; this features a sophisticated head control that can manage the machine’s speed to match product production flow. The conveyor is also fitted with a mechanism to create a single layer for secondary multi-pack overwrap.

Where can I get one?

These beauties can be found at Redpack Packaging Machinery.