Ilapak’s latest packaging machines offer several energy-saving features, including greater thermal efficiency of sealing jaws and rollers and the use of energy recuperation systems in the motor drives.

Is that all?

Be patient. There’s also a user-friendly operating system to reduce errors, plus an electronic platform capable of web connection to allow remote monitoring. Even cleverer, they also feature software designed to predict component failures well in advance.

Sounds like it’s the Ferrari of flow-wrappers...

More like a Porsche, if the name’s anything to go by. The new Carrera 4000 ECO is also the first of Ilapak’s new range of horizontal packaging machines to have an incremental modular design.

And what’s so good about that?

You can future-proof your equipment by simply exchanging or adding new modules, so changes can be made easily and economically without incurring the cost of a new machine.