As we emerge from the difficult trading economy, food-to-go retailers are reviewing their product offerings to reflect the publicised rise in consumer spending. It now transpires that while there is still a requirement for value lines, there is also a huge demand for indulgent, quality products made from the finest ingredients.

Market intelligence firm Mintel has identified that consumers are more discerning than ever: freshness, quality and innovation are all high on the agenda, with price being cited as a much lower consideration.

Recent bakery trends echo this, with products like the whoopie pie and the cake pop both being small and great to eat on the go, but at a retail price that far outstrips their manufacturing cost. These types of mini cakes and confectionery offer the consumer the experience of an indulgent treat, with the perception of being guilt-free. When price isn’t an obstacle it can open up the doors to experimentation, with bakers able to produce items that the supermarkets just cannot replicate on a mass-market scale.