Worldbake, a distributor based in Brixworth, Northampton, has announced it can offer a new range of savoury snacks on to the UK market.

The products include a chicken sausage roll; a hot dog roll a Frankfurter-style sausage with mustard and relish wrapped in a laminated crusty pastry; a Mexican twist twisted laminated pastry filled with a spicy Mexican filling and topped with poppy seeds; a pizza twist a twisted laminated pastry filled with a pizza filling and topped with poppy and linseed; and a ratatouille pastry.

The range, made by a fully IFS-accredited continental manufacturer, is targeted at snacking-on-the-go outlets such as garage forecourts or retail outlets with bake-off facilities. The firm is promoting it as "a realistic alternative to the conventional British savoury offering".

The products are all supplied frozen, and can be baked-off in around 20 minutes.

Established in 2007, Worldbake aims to trade with wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers throughout the UK, bringing innovative products that add value to its customers’ existing portfolio. Where customers have existing supply chain structures, it operates as agents to its partners and where customers require supply chain support, it acts as a distributor.