It’s Harry Potter’s 35th birthday today and an award-winning baker from the West Midlands has joined a worldwide collaboration to create an edible world of Harry Potter for author JK Rowling’s birthday (31 July). 

Lara Clarke from Brownhills in the Black Country has made a life-size chocolate bust of Harry Potter being jinxed on his birthday using two kilograms each of flour, butter and sugar and 15 eggs.

Clarke has made headlines before with giant cakes including a half-size Land Rover and Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence.

The cake will be featured at Birthday Mischief Managed - a reference taken from the books – alongside other spectacles including the Weasleys’ flying car, the Hogwart’s library and Harry playing Quidditch.

Other contributors include some recognisable faces from Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, Sugar Dome, Cake Wars, Ultimate Cake Off and Outrageous Chocolate.

Fans are encouraged to share their own edible creations and birthday greetings using the following hashtags so the group may share in return: #BirthdayMischief #JKR50 #HBDJK #HBDHarry.