The Bath Cake Company has opened a new sugarcraft shop in a bid to respond to the growing demand in bakery.

The business, launched two years ago by Celia Adams as a stall at Green Park Market, is now based in Lansdown Mews and has incorporated its sister company Country Cupcakes as part of its operations.

Adams told the Bath Chronicle: “When I first started doing sugarcraft, I found I had to travel a long way to get what I needed. Like our customers, I wanted to shop locally and see what I was buying and avoid postage charges on internet purchases.”

She added that the new sugarcraft outlet will sell bakery tools and ingredients for both novice and more advanced bakers to purchase, alongside its existing cake offering.

The Bath Cake Company currently produces a wide selection of cakes and cupcakes, in addition to supplying  cake decorating supplies and sugarcraft equipment.