Cuisine de France, part of food business Aryzta, has said it aims to roll out 120 new-look in-store bakeries over the next year. 

It will target independent retail convenience stores, which it claims account for 72.1% of stores and almost £6 in every £10 spent in convenience (58.9%).

The redevelopment of its in-store bakery package offers customers products, display, staff training and sales support.

As part of the initiative, the company will launch new product ranges, packaging and display units with an “artisan bakery theme”.

Stores that have already implemented the fresh look have seen an increase in sales of up to £800 per week.

Mariam French, head of marketing UK for Aryzta Food Solutions, said: “This is much more than a brand relaunch, it’s a completely fresh approach to in-store baking, enabling our customers to redefine the category and to use Cuisine de France as a flagship brand to enhance the shopping experience.

“Significant improvements have been made to all the recipes in Cuisine de France’s new ‘hero range’ across both core bakery products and an array of new speciality breads.”

The hero range includes French bread, Viennoiserie, sweet treats, rolls and speciality breads. The French bread has been redeveloped to include 100% French wheat, and 25% liquid sponge to improve flavour and texture, said the company.

Aoife Kenny, head of retail sales, said: “Convenience store shoppers are focusing more on freshness. That’s why we’re highlighting the benefits of baking little and often, rather than the traditional ‘one bake a day’. This ensures that ‘freshly-baked’ products are readily available, which increases shopper satisfaction,”

Research by Aryzta found that shoppers at ISB convenience stores spend 1.8 minutes longer in the shop than regular convenience store shoppers, and spend around £3.50 more.

The brand said the convenience sector was continuing to grow at 5% year on year.