High-protein bread brand Dr Zak’s plans to double or treble sales in a year with several new product launches planned by the end of 2014.

The year-old company is working on a bagel with around 24g protein content and a flatbread with around 20g to launch in August. A third product of organic extra virgin olive oil will launch in the next six to eight weeks with a plan to achieve eight or nine products in the market by the year-end.

Dr Zak’s currently has two products in-market - protein bread and pasta bread - and supplies to Tesco Extra and 100 independent health food shops and smaller niche businesses. It is currently in talks with Ocado and managing director Ray Brilus hopes to supply new products to the same companies. New products may not necessarily be Dr Zak’s-branded.

“If we come across an innovative brand, for example in America, we would promote it in the UK in return for exclusivity,” said Brilus.

High-protein bread contains fewer carbohydrates and keeps the eater fuller for longer, thus aiding weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Look out for the 11 July issue of British Baker for more on high-protein, high-fibre, seeded, gluten-free and anceint grain breads.