Bakery giant Greggs has come under fire after a three-year-old child bit into a rubber glove baked into her pasty. 

The £1.20 cheese and onion pasty was bought at Greggs’ east London Forest Hill outlet and Amber Hodson bit into it, revealing a blue plastic glove inside.

Mother Karly Hodson has vowed to avoid Greggs in the future following the unsaleable snack, claiming that it represented a choking hazard for her daughter. Hodson complained to Greggs and received an email asking her to “send in the pasty so they can carry out an analysis”, which she told the Daily Mail “is not good enough”.

A statement from Greggs, which has promised a ‘full investigation’ into the matter, said: “We’re really sorry to hear of this complaint and will investigate every possibility. We have rigorous quality control checks in place before sending our products out to our shops and will be looking at how this could have happened.”