The owner of a new pop-up dessert bar and chocolate shop is looking to transform the concept into a permanent bakery business in the next year.

Paul Wayne Gregory, patissier and chocolatier, told British Baker that his new business, called Indulgence, which will launch this Thursday (8 November) in Brixton, south London, will offer fruit- and chocolate-based frozen premium desserts to take-away alongside hand-made chocolates.

The self-funded business, originally set up as part of this year’s Chocolate Week (8-14 October), will be running for the next six months on Market Row in Brixton Market.

Gregory said he would look to expand on the Indulgence concept in the future: “Once the pop-up shop is up-and-running, we will have the template for something bigger, such as baking bread on-site in a similar style to classical French bakeries. The desserts and hand-crafted chocolates can be made elsewhere, but we will want to make the bread on the premises, so customers can smell it when they walk through the doors.

“That is the aim and direction we want to go with the business, but that will probably happen in the next year to year-and-a-half in reality.”

He added that he would look to expand the business and product range in the future, depending on how well the pop-up shop performs.

The current Indulgence business will also showcase a range of chocolate-based sculptures and art in a bid to attract more customers, as well as live demonstrations outside the shop, which will launch in December, offering passers-by the opportunity to learn how to make chocolate truffles for free.

Paul Wayne Gregory started his career as a baker, but moved into patisserie when he went to Ireland to head up the pastry sections of Conrad Gallagher’s restaurants.