Pocklington’s Bakery, a Lincolnshire-based craft bakery, has invested in a 150KW solar panel to generate power.

According to the bakery, 90% of its daytime electricity is now powered by the solar panels.

It believes it is the first bakery in the UK to make such a heavy investment in the alternative electricity source.

The bakery runs three shifts over 24 hours, employing more than 60 local staff and producing a range of products for its 300 wholesale customers.

Chris Pocklington, manager, said “I have been told we are the first bakery to install solar panels in such a large way in this country. That surprises me as the process was so easy.

“The planning went smoothly for us, which was great and the installation took less than two weeks from start to finish.

“As our business expands, the solar panels are part of an exciting future. Now all we want is some decent winter sun to help start paying back the considerable investment.”

He said he expected the payback on the investment to be around eight years.