Supermarket chain Morrisons is revamping its in-store bakeries at the end of May with new product lines, packaging and baking methods.

In a bid to respond to consumer demand for more artisan products at affordable prices, the company has decided to introduce over 30 new bakery lines, including hand-dimpled focaccia, tiger paw, sourdough boule and chocolate twists.

More than 40 products will be improved as part of the in-store bakery overhaul, in addition to new-look packaging, incorporating Morrison’s ‘Baked by us’ slogan and using rustic-looking paper for a more artisanal feel.

Andy Clegg, bakery buying manager at Morrisons, said: “Our in-store bakery will have a new look, new packaging and industry-leading products, which will provide our customers with both a compelling offer and great value for money. Thanks to our skilled bakers, we are able to offer a more artisan experience in order to give customers more of the things they want – great food that’s affordable for everyone.”