A new craft bakery business has been launched in Derby featuring a Greek-inspired range of products.

Set up by husband and wife team Van and Sally Giakalis, Spondon Bakery serves a range of a dozen breads and 10 different varieties of pies and pasties. This includes Greek-style recipes for rabbit pie, game pie, curried goat pasties, spinach and feta parcels and moussaka.

The couple also own their own allotment where they grow fruit and vegetables used to create almost 100 varieties of jam and chutney, which are sold in the new bakery outlet.

Sally said: “It’s a scary time to start a business, but we are banking on support from the public. We are proud that we know where all the ingredients for our products come from and all of those are freshly made on the premises.”

The bakery business evolved from selling products at a local festival in Spondon during the last two years, including the introduction of bread, cakes and pastries at the Derbyshire County Show in June.