Finsbury Food Group has revealed details of the new line of ready-to-eat cakes it is launching in partnership with Mary Berry. 

The company said the launch followed research that showed eight out of 10 consumers were more likely to buy a cake from a supermarket if it had Mary Berry’s name on it.

Finsbury added that the range “caters to every budget and occasion from celebrations and parties to afternoon tea”.

Berry herself said of the launch: “I am extremely proud of every single one of the cakes in the range I have created with the team at Finsbury Food Group. 

“Together we have ensured that all the cakes taste great and are faithful representations of many of my favourite recipes. I hope people enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.”

The research found twice as many consumers want to see Mary Berry’s name on a range of ready-to-eat cakes over any other name, and the consumer perception was that Mary Berry had the best cake recipes.

Dougie Partridge, brand manager for Finsbury Food Group, said: “We have put a lot of work into the project to ensure that we have stayed faithful to Mary’s own recipes and ensured every cake in the range looks and tastes as close as possible to something she would produce in her own kitchen.”

All the cakes in the range will be available widely this spring.