A Cardiff shop is serving up sandwiches in flavours ranging from liquorice allsorts to chocolate orange, both served with lettuce.

A customer in the Channings of Cardiff shop tweeted a photo of some of the sandwiches this week.

The caption reads: “This is now a thing in Cardiff. Yet some people claim Wales is ready for independence.”

Phil, the owner of the shop, said he’d been making them for years: “Inspiration is anything that sounds totally wrong - that’s the type of sandwich we try to make.

“I’ve been doing them for years but haven’t done them for a while. I just decided a few weeks ago to do a couple of new ones.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Chocolate orange is vile anyway, why add even viler salad to it?! And let’s not even start on the allsorts…”

Previous fillings have included Marmite and jelly beans, although Phil admitted, “They’ll never beat a ham salad.”