Equipment manufacturer Baker Perkins has added two new machines to its Tweedy bread dough mixer range.

The Tweedy 8 and Tweedy 20 mixers, which have maximum batch capacities of 8 and 20 kg respectively, will be used for high-output bakeries for development work on new products, as well as ingredients suppliers working on new formulations.

Baker Perkins said the small batch size was “ideal for research and testing purposes”.

“A viewing port in the lid allows progress of the mix cycle to be monitored and process parameters can be repeatedly changed to analyse and assess results,” said Keith Graham, marketing manager for Baker Perkins.

“For even greater flexibility, the batch size may be reduced by up to 50% without affecting the process. All the important process control features found on the production mixers are incorporated, including variable speed control and pressure-vacuum mixing for enhanced texture control.”

Tweedy mixing systems are widely used for the complete range of pan and tin bread doughs including white, brown, wholemeal, multigrain and mixed rye loaves. The largest has a 385kg batch capacity and an output up to 5,400kg/hr while the smallest offers a 170kg batch size and 2,400kg/hr.