Derbyshire- based the Buckley Bakehouse has been ordered to pay ££4,654 in costs after using Bakers Basco’s bread baskets without its permission.

During a hearing that took place on 31 October 2016 at Derby County Court, Daniel Alan Buckley, director of Buckley Bakehouse, agreed to stop using Bakers Basco equipment without consent of the owners.

The bakery has previously paid £3,300 in damages relating to earlier incidents where it was caught using Bakers Basco equipment without authorisation.

Bakers Basco has cracked down on firms using its baskets without permission over the past eight months with Authentic Bites and Gilmoor Foods Ltd both ordered to pay costs and damages by the courts.

Bakers Basco general manager Steve Millward described companies using its equipment without permission as “a little bit better than theft”.

“If people use our equipment without permission, that’s little better than theft, in our eyes – and often they end up dumping the baskets, to the detriment of the environment,” he said.

“When necessary, as in this case, we will take legal action stopping people from using and abusing our baskets and other items.”

Bakers Basco manages and licenses a pool of four million bread baskets and associated wheeled trolleys for the use of bakers. Currently, around 25 bakeries, ranging from small to very large, pay a licence fee to use the equipment.

Buckley Bakehouse did not respond to requests for further comment.