The palletising of artisanal loaves has been revolutionised by the new system at Speciality Bread (SB)’s £3m state-of-the-art Margate bakery. 

The installation of a second-user robotic system has halved palletising time, and ensures the bakery can produce 100k individual loaves a day.

SB produces over 100 different types of handmade bread, which are freshly frozen and supplied to UK wholesalers, for distribution to restaurants, pubs, cafés and hotels.

“It was vital that we invested in the latest infrastructure and resources to help us continue to drive further growth in the years to come,” said Peter Millen, managing director of SB.

Since winning the contract to supply bread and rolls to the 2012 London Olympics, SB has seen consecutive year on year growth of 30%. To increase production capacity and drive new product development, the company opened the £3m bakery in Margate in November 2015.