Portioning equipment manufacturer Unifiller has unveiled its most versatile cookie dough depositor machine to date - the Uni-X Extruder.

The Uni-X Extruder helps to deposit viscous products and makes use of gentle extrusion technology to increase production yield.

The machine is suitable for stiff pastes, dough and gluten-free mixes, and can even be used to portion dough, said the firm.

Martin Riis, product manager at Unifiller Systems said: “The Uni-X is available with a wire cutter for cookie pucks, a stamp cutter for shaped cookies like hearts, trees and gingerbread men, a sheeting attachment for shortbread dough, and a cut-off nozzle for chunky and liquid fillings.”

The machine’s programmable menu driver has space for up to 40 recipes, and has the ability to extrude sheets, rope and strands. Capable of up to 60 deposits per minute, the machine works at up to 790 Ib/360 kg per hour.

Officially launched at the IBIE 2016 show, which ran from 8-11 October in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Uni-X helps manufacturers to cut down on product waste, while maintaining product integrity, added Unifiller.