Iwan Williams, managing director of Premier Foods’ bakery division including the Hovis bread brand, has resigned from his position.

Williams is leaving the company just over a week after the firm announced its decision to shut down two bakeries in Birmingham and Greenford, west London, resulting in 900 job losses.

Appointed by Premier Foods’ chief executive Michael Clarke last November, Williams was overseeing the transformation of the £1.1bn-worth bakery division, including the Hovis bread brand, alongside its cake and milling businesses.

Lisa Attenborough, director of communications at Premier Foods, told British Baker: “Iwan Williams advised us a while ago that he intended to move on next year to pursue other opportunities. He has been a tremendous help in kick-starting the turnaround, but longer term has career aspirations more in general management.”

Sky News speculated on the move saying Williams was said to be unhappy with Geoff Eaton joining the company as chief operating officer, after Premier Foods announced last year that this particular role would disappear.

This decision was to lead to the commercial leadership responsibilities being split between the bakery business and Premier’s grocery division, headed up by Graham Hunter, previously of the 2 Sisters Food Group.