Aryzta Food Solutions has announced the launch of the spring specials range for the Cuisine de France and Aryzta non-concept bakery.

The range comprises four sweet bakery products from Cuisine de France, and three products from the Aryzta non-concept bakery.

Aryzta said it would enable retailers to tap into the Easter opportunity as shoppers look for seasonal treats they can enjoy at home or on the move.

The spring specials are as follows:

Cuisine de France:

•             Lemon Cheesecake Muffin (rsp £1.09) – a classic muffin base with Sicilian lemon oil and a centre filled with slightly sweetened smooth cream cheese filling.

•             Chocolate Hazelnut Lattice (rsp £1.00) – a rectangular shaped puff pastry lattice with a rich smooth cocoa and hazelnut praline filling.

•             Rice Pudding & Red Berry Pastry (rsp £1.00) – a golden brown puff pastry stick, dual-filled with rice pudding and red berry compôte, diamond-scored and sugar-topped to give an attractive appearance and crunchy texture.

•             Chocolate Cornets (rsp 6 for £2.00) – mini puff pastry cone-shaped shells, filled with rich chocolate hazelnut filling.

Aryzta bakery range:

•             Lemon Iced Finger (rsp £1.00) – a pack of four iced finger buns filled with lemon curd and topped with a lemon icing.

•             Raspberry Iced Finger (rsp £1.00) – a pack of four iced finger buns filled with raspberry jam and topped with raspberry flavoured icing.

•             Mini Apple Turnovers (rsp 33p or 3 for £1) – miniature-sized turnovers with a delicious apple sauce in a buttery, crumbly pastry.

Vincent Brook, UK retail commercial manager at Aryzta Food Solutions, said shoppers loved unique season treats and that bakery was no exception when it came to stocking season additions that helped drive profits.

“With 17% of convenience store shoppers looking for a treat, and 66% making a bakery purchase (HIM! CTP 2016), Easter presents the perfect opportunity to tap into impulse purchases and offer something indulgent that will keep customers coming back for more,” he said.

“Retailers who have yet to introduce an in-store bakery solution should consider it now; don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grow profits from seasonal sales.”