An Asda store in Barking has renamed its Tiger Chest Bread after 85-year-old customer Audrey Bond, who helped its bakers perfect the recipe.

The loaf has now been named Audrey’s Tiger Bread in her honour, and the store has asked the grandmother of two to join the Asda Tasting Panel. The bread now comes with a sticker featuring a tiger paw.

Bond struck up a friendship with Asda baker Gary Gordon after she spotted that some of the bread would come out of the ovens shaped like a big kidney bean or with a parting in the middle.

“She showed us how to form the loaves correctly before putting them in the prover,” Gordon said. “She also pointed out that you can get misshapen bread when the loaves get too full of air, which comes from leaving them in the proving room for too long. Now, because of Audrey’s tips, the tiger chest is as good as you can get.”

Bond has given her seal of approval across the retailer’s bakery selection, including bread and cakes.

“Our colleagues often go the extra mile for customers, but on this occasion Audrey has helped us to improve our products and we can’t thank her enough,” said an Asda spokesperson. “As a loyal customer and passionate baker, we were delighted to put Audrey’s name on the side of our Tiger Bread. We think we have found our very own Queen of Baking.”

Bond added: “I can’t believe Asda have renamed their tiger bread after me – it’s such a shock.”