Chunk of Devon, the artisan wholesale pastry manufacturer, has launched three new flavours of sausage roll to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The rolls come with an RRP of £2 and the flavours include pork, apple and scrumpy, pork and chorizo and a breakfast sausage roll made with sun-dried tomatoes, egg and gammon.

In addition, Chunk of Devon is also relaunching its original Chunki sausage roll, which won a Taste of the West Silver Award in 2015.

Simon Bryon-Edmond, owner of Chunk of Devon, said: “From the off we were determined not to short-change our customers, making sure our sausage rolls were a chunky affair, with real shoulder meat, just the right amount of sage, onion, herbs and spices and all wrapped up in a cracking buttery ruff puff pastry. We won’t stint on quality ingredients and we feel this is why we have gained an enviable reputation in the savoury snack sector.

“Our sausage rolls have that classic homemade trickle and this naturally adds to their appeal and, for this reason, they have become a legend in their own lunch hour – the Bugatti Veyron of the sausage roll world.”

Chunk of Devon produces a range of premium pies and pasties which it sells through delicatessens and farms shops throughout the south west of England. It recently release a spicy vegetarian pie made with Quorn.