Bedfordshire clanger sales have doubled at Gunns Bakery following the appearance of the product on Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off this week.

The Bedfordshire clanger, which is Gunns Bakery’s best-known product, was part of the Signature Challenge for this week’s Forgotten Bakes theme.

David Gunn, of Gunns Bakery, exclusively told British Baker that sales of its Bedfordshire clanger doubled the morning after the episode was broadcast.

“Maybe, on a normal day, we would sell around 100, but this week it was around 200 the day after it appeared on Bake Off,” Gunn said. “It was a market day in the area and everybody was coming into the shop.”

The Bedfordshire clanger is a pastry that has a savoury filling at one end and a sweet one at the other, serving as both a main course and dessert in one bake.

Over the years, Gunns Bakery has worked with TV chef Jamie Oliver and Ready Steady Cook to promote the clanger.

“Every time we’ve had coverage of our clangers on television, we always see a spike in interest and we start sending them out to different places. This week has been no exception,” Gunn added.

Gunns has produced the Bedfordshire clanger for the past 50 years and claims to be one of the last places to still bake the product. The Bedfordshire clanger was originally the food of farm labourers, which they considered as affordable, filling and very calorific, according to Gunns Bakery’s website.

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