Crosstown, the artisan doughnut producer, has teamed up with bakery and chocolate producer Pump Street Bakery to produce a limited edition chocolate doughnut.

The doughnut will be sold from 8 February until early March, from Crosstown’s flagship doughnut and coffee bar in Soho, and at Crosstown market stalls across London. The doughnuts are priced at £3.80 each, £17 for a box of six and £30 for a box of 12.

The doughnuts are the third in Crosstown’s Single Series range, which makes use of a special ingredient from a partner company to create a premium product. In this case, Crosstown used Pump Street Bakery’s Ecuador Hacienda Limon 75% dark chocolate to create a chocolate sourdough doughnut filled with dark chocolate custard, topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings.

As well as pastries and bread, Pump Street produces its own small batch chocolate bars at its site in Orford, Suffolk. Crosstown selected the chocolate for use for its “rich, dark flavour with notes of caramel, roasted coffee and honey.”

"for chocolate lovers"

JP Then, founder of Crosstown, said: “We set out to make a chocolate doughnut for chocolate lovers, and Pump Street Bakery was the obvious choice for achieving this. We’ve utilised chocolate four ways using some of the best chocolate in the world. It’s full-on chocolate in all the right ways.”

Rob Sledmere, chocolatier at Pump Street Bakery, said: “We are very excited that Crosstown Doughnuts have chosen to showcase our Ecuadorian bean to bar chocolate in their sourdough doughnuts. It’s inspiring and refreshing to work with a company that values quality and flavour as highly as we do and is keen to work together and innovate in order to make something superlative.”

The doughnut follows previous Single Series collaborations for Crosstown with Caravan Coffee Roasters and Jura Whisky.