Délifrance UK is launching a new premium brand that includes ready-to-fill pastry products and petits fours.

Called À la Folie, the brand is officially rolling out next week at the launch event for the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2018, which is sponsored by Délifrance. Chefs will be serving canapés in À la Folie! tartlet bases at the launch.

The brand is split into two collections, dubbed ‘Acts’ by the manufacturer.

‘Act One’ is a ready-to-fill collection comprising:

  • Bases in a range of sizes, shapes and flavours, from a 38mm savoury round base to 100mm chocolate round base
  • 4g cones and baskets in a range of flavours including chocolate and vanilla

‘Act Two’ is a thaw and serve range comprising:

  • Fruit petit fours and chocolate petit fours collections that each feature seven products in flavours including apple & cinnamon, raspberry & coconut, dark chocolate & pear and chestnut & white chocolate
  • Mignardises
  • Macarons that come in 6g or 15g formats and seven flavours, and have a crème mousseline centre

“Made with premium ingredients, and hand-crafted by chefs, À la Folie! allows every chef to create more than food; they can create art,” said Délifrance UK marketing director Stéphanie Brillouet.