Fudges Bakery is to relaunch a number of its best-selling lines, in a bid to continue the momentum of growth it has seen in the past year.

The Dorset bakery hopes the relaunch will increase product appeal, boost sales and improve visibility on shelves.

New ingredients have been added to improve the flavour and appearance of its flapjacks, Marmite biscuits and cheese straws, it said.

The flapjacks are now infused with agave syrup to increase shelf life, while the Marmite Biscuits now include additional wholemeal and malt flour, in order to give them a stronger and more malty taste. The cheese straws now contain rapeseed oil, which has produced a lighter, flakier texture, and reduced salt content, according to Fudges.

Steve Fudge, managing director of Fudges, said: "With customer expectations of the flavour profiles and overall taste they demand from a biscuit having increased massively over the years, it’s vital for us to make sure we have stood out in a busy biscuit marketplace."

In 2012 the bakery saw sales up a massive 22.1% in the grocery multiples, with revenue hitting £8.5m. Fudges supplies leading supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and Booths, as well as Royal shops and independents across the country.