North and South American specialist wholesaler Funnybones Foodservice has launched two baked desserts into the UK foodservice market.

Available now, the Giant Cookie and Mallow Stack (pictured below) and Chocolate Cookie Melt will take the chocolate chip cookie to a “newly delicious place”, according to the wholesalers.

The Giant Cookie and Mallow Stack comprises four giant cookies sandwiched together with layers of marshmallow, cream and raspberry sauce, which is topped with milk chocolate coating. The dessert comes frozen and is pre-portioned into 12 slices.

The Chocolate Cookie Melt is made from two milk chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate centre that melts when heated. It can be cooked from frozen in thirty seconds in the microwave.

Tom Styman-Heighton, development chef at Funnybones Foodservice, said the American-styled desserts are perfect for casual dining restaurants looking for new options.

“Deliciously chocolatey and unmistakeably American, we believe these new desserts will be extremely popular,” Styman-Heighton added.