Kingsmill has targeted the breakfast category with the launch of a new line of products.

The bakery brand, produced by Allied Bakeries as part of the Associated British Foods Group, has introduced a new Fruit and Fibre sliced bread loaf this month, containing berries and pieces of real fruit.

Additional products as part of the new range, which will be fully launched in September, include Fruit and Fibre muffins and bagels, all of which provide up to 50% of a consumer’s recommended daily wholegrain intake.

Janene Warsap, head of innovation at Allied Bakeries, said: "The new range was developed with over 1,000 consumers, who shared their feedback at all stages of development from concept to final product.

“Through this process, we identified that the requirements of consumers at breakfast are changing and so to provide a product that satisfies their needs, we had to develop a range that is convenient, versatile, healthy and most of all, tasty, which was no mean feat.”

The firm is investing £2.5m in marketing activity to drive awareness of the new Kingsmill Fruit and Fibre range, due to commence this November. Allied Bakeries will also be investing an additional £4.6m in the Kingsmill brand this financial year ending September.

Guy Shepherd, category director at Allied Bakeries, said: “The breakfast occasion is growing, with British consumers eating 16.6 billion breakfasts in 2011, equating to £7.3bn. This thriving market presents a huge opportunity, which has been estimated at a potential £18m over the next three years. That’s why we’ve invested in this new range – to broaden our portfolio and affirm our position in the breakfast market.

“Fruit and Fibre is an innovative range of products, which not only meets the changing needs of consumers, but the investment means we’re now strengthening our position as the fastest-growing and only growing major branded bakery manufacturer. We’re now able to offer a wider range of products for retailers to attract new customers and facilitate growth across the entire bakery fixture.”