Lidl has expanded its in-store bakery (ISB) range to include products like pizza and goat’s cheese focaccia, made with “high- quality” ingredients.

The German discounter finalised the roll-out of its ISB offer into all its UK stores last year, and operates a bake-off operation.

The range has been increasing, with Lidl Protein Rolls recently added to the ISB shelves. The rolls contain 26.7g of protein per 100g, compared to 8.5g of protein in a “normal white roll”, said the company.

A Lidl spokesperson said: “We are always trying to offer our customers new and exciting products in our in-store bakery.

“Our vegetable pizza has more than 40% high-quality toppings. We also stock a goat’s cheese and pesto focaccia and a mozzarella swirl, both of which were introduced in the last month.

"Since introducing bakeries to all Lidl stores across the UK, our bakery items have been phenomenally popular. We are always introducing new products to the range and launched the protein rolls after seeing strong demand for a healthy bakery option.  They contain 26.7g protein and just 8.5g carbohydrates per 100g whilst a standard white roll which contains 8.5g protein and 58g carbohydrates per 100g."

The pizza is sold at 59p per slice and protein rolls at 39p.

How can bakers compete?

Wayne Caddy, master baker and artisan expert, said the key for bakers was to focus on their own audience, who were willing to pay more for the product anyway.

He explained: “Lidl’s selection has its own target audience, craft bakers need to hone in on theirs. They have the USP of making things from hand, or using fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives.

“I think more could be done about making people aware of the health benefits of long fermentation and the benefits that has on the digestion.

“The bakers I have helped teach have been so excited by the high demand for their products; consumers know they are paying for a process and the quality.”