Morrisons has bought back its fresh in-store doughnuts due to customer demand

The supermarket said it had scrapped the baking of in-store doughnuts in around September last year, when it made changes to help bakers spend more time serving customers at the counter.

As part of its bid to “listen to customers”, the retail giant has since re-introduced the baking of in store doughnuts, instead of buying them in to bake-off or from a wholesaler.

A spokesperson from Morrisons said: "Morrisons were looking to help increase the amount of time the guys on the market counters had to serve customers, so looked at simplifying what they had to do. For bakers that meant taking the baking of doughnuts out of stores.

"Now we have been listening to customers and one of the things which they came back with loud and clear was that they loved our fresh doughnuts, so we bought them back."

After bringing back the products, Morrisons said it expected to sell 2.7 million doughnuts this week alone.

In celebration of the return of its doughnut, Morrisons is offering a five-pack of raspberry, apple, strawberry or custard-filled doughnuts for only 47p.

It will also be launching Salted Caramel Doughnuts and Strawberry Intensity Doughnuts into its stores.

The re-introduction is happening during National Doughnut Week, which aims to raise money for The Children’s Trust charity.