Croll is a new hybrid product in the form of a light pastry, similar to a croissant, but in the form of a roll.

Inspired by the New York food scene and rising demand for food on-the-go, New York Bakery described Croll as “a flake-free pastry with all the same taste and lightness of a traditional croissant”.

The company added: “Its pre-sliced roll form is convenient for quick filling and ease of use, making it the perfect carrier for filling and eating on-the-go”

Philippa Norton, marketing manager – out of home for New York Bakery Company, said: “Innovation in sandwich carriers is great for the category and, with the continued popularity of hybrids and food-to-go, Croll is a perfect solution.”

“Demand for croissants is very much there in the food-to-go market, but the barrier is its form and flaky consistency. We launched Croll in response to this, which is perfect for operators wanting to offer consumers something new to eat in a food-to-go offer or on a casual dining brunch menu.”

Croll won bronze in the Casual Dining Innovation Challenge 2017 and took the winning spot in the Bread and Morning Goods category at the inaugural Chefs’ Choice Awards.