Dawn Foods has launched a new range of premium ring doughnuts, each with its own end-to-end filling.

Made with Dawn’s own mix, there are five doughnuts in the range: Strawberry Sprinkle, Chocca-Nut, Cinn-Apple, Triple-Choc and Caramel-Lace.

Strawberry Sprinkle is filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing and multi coloured sprinkles. Chocca-Nut has a hazelnut topping sprinkled with chopped nuts, and has a hazelnut sauce inside. Cinn-Apple is covered in crunchy cinnamon sugar with an apple filling. Caramel-Lace is coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a caramel sauce inside.

Dawn said: “The new range taps into the growing trend for ‘premiumisaton’ in sweet bakery, with interesting finishes, textures and flavour combinations providing added value. Texture is a key part of this and is set to be a big trend in 2016.”

Dr Morgaine Gaye, Dawn’s food futurologist consultant, said: “The focus is on mouthfeel, imprinted foods, embossed coatings and multiple textures in one. New surface textures and ways to create texture, in and on food, will start to be more commonplace.”

Premium Donut

Supplied frozen, the Premium Donut range is available in packs of three trays of 12. They thaw in approximately 60 minutes.

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager at Dawn, said: “Doughnuts have long been a bakery staple and are a growing category in coffee shops and food-to-go outlets. Coffee shops in particular are a huge growth area across Europe with five leading countries showing a massive 124% increase in doughnuts served in outlets 2014 v 2013.”

Dawn’s new Premium Donuts range complements their existing Classic Donut range of plain, sugared, glazed and chocolate coated ring doughnuts, which are available in a variety of sizes.

Last month Dawn began offering Dobla-branded premium Belgian chocolate decorations and toppings to bakers in the UK.