Artisan pitta bread producer Nina Bakery released ready-baked Sub Pitas at Hotelympia in London yesterday.

Nina Bakery described the new Sub Pitas as “the perfect pita for hot dogs or any other filling”. Launched at London’s Hotelympia, the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality exposition, the Sub Pita is 28cm x 8cm in size and weighs 100g.

Pierre Nehmeh, Nina Bakery’s chief executive, said: “Slow baked, our Sub Pitas offer a new and subtle taste sensation, which will allow caterers to differentiate their offerings.”

Nina Bakery’s pittas are artisan-baked from clean label, additive free, pure ingredients, without added sugar or fat. They come in a range of sizes, and are “airy, fluffy and moist, but also sufficiently firm so they do not tear.”

Nina Bakery’s pitta bread is baked with sourdough and minimum quantities of yeast. It has been operating for more than 70 years, distributes from the Netherlands, and supplies customers across Europe. Last October, the company released savoury pitta sticks to the UK market.