Cornwall-based bakery Rowe’s has claimed to be the first business to send a Cornish pasty into space.

Running as part of its autumn marketing campaign ‘Out of this World’, the Cornish delicacy was launched into space on a weather balloon from Hayle Community School, Cornwall, last week (20 September) and reached 35,482m (116,410ft).

The students, who took part in the experiment, were able to track the pasty with help from an onboard tracking device.

Rowe’s said the product was suspended in the stratosphere for 93 minutes and returned to earth completely frozen as conditions plummeted to -62°C.

Becci Blackburn, retail director at Rowe’s and Hayle’s head teacher Andrew Martin volunteered to taste the pasty once it landed back on Bodmin Moor, describing it as “awesome”.

“We are over the moon to have successfully pulled this stunt off in celebration of the traditional Cornish pasty and our 68 years of baking heritage,” said Rowe’s retail director Becci Blackburn.

The campaign was supported by a radio advertising campaign with Pirate FM as well as on digital media channels.

Cosmic baked products could be common in years to come, as bakers have been working with start-up business Bake In Space to develop a bread machine and dough for baking bread rolls in space.