Pieminister is set to introduce a dessert-based pie at selected restaurants across the UK.

Rolling out as part of British Pie Week on 5 March, the Pork Pie-Scream comprises a tower of vanilla ice cream laced with free range British bacon and bourbon maple syrup and served in a waffle-cone ‘pie crust’. The NPD is topped with British pork scratchings and apple sauce.

The Pork Pie-Scream will be launched as part of Pieminister’s new ice cream menu in Cardiff, Brixton in London and Sheffield initially, but will be rolled out across all its restaurants nationwide in the summer if successful.

“If you’re near our Cardiff, Brixton or Sheffield restaurants, come and try our new creation for yourself.  It’s part of our new soft-serve ice cream menu which we’re trialling in these restaurants initially,” said Pieminister co-founder Tristan Hogg.

“It’s been great fun to turn our pie-making hands to something else for a change and the combination of sweet vanilla, bourbon and maple syrup works brilliantly with tart apple sauce and salty bacon.”

Pieminister recently launched its first vegan pie through its own restaurants and selected Waitrose stores.