Five new unbaked frozen products have been released by pie manufacturer Pukka Pies.

Designed to be baked in store by bakers, butchers, delis and cafés, the Baked by You lines will be distributed directly to retailers and include two sausage rolls, two pasties and a turnover.

The six-inch sausage rolls have an RRP of £1.50-£2 and focus on current flavour trends with Premium Pork and Chorizo, and Pork and Bramley Apple flavours. Meanwhile the hand-crimped PGI-certified Handmade Cornish Steak and West Country Cheddar Cheese and Onion Pasties are pitched at £2.50-£3, and the Bacon and Cheese Turnover at £1.25-£1.50.

Colin Heathfield, head of sales at Pukka Pies, said: “We are delighted to launch this innovative range of quality products to the important bakery sector. Our sales in the bakery market are on the increase and this expansion into retail bakery will further enhance our sales. Our initial sales of this range have been overwhelmingly positive pleasing bakers and their customers alike.”