Speciality Breads has developed a range of honey-enriched sweet bakes.

The sweet offerings, called Huffins, are available in three flavours: Honey, Chocolate & Coconut, and Blueberry & Vanilla.

“Our aim was to create something a little quirky, that tastes fantastic, stands out on display and is incredibly versatile. Huffins work well at breakfast, particularly the mid-morning snack market,” said Simon Cannell, managing director at Speciality Breads.

The new range was developed after one of the company’s customers commissioned it to create a range of bakes for the on-the-go market.

“While our NPD [team] were working on the project, serendipity paid a welcome visit. A number of hotels are going to include Huffins in their afternoon tea menus,” said Cannell, adding that Huffins also work as a dessert.