Stacey’s Bakery is developing a biscuit-based cake named after a Derbyshire greeting.

Ay Up Me Duck, which was quoted by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to greet actor Jack O’Connell at an awards ceremony, is a duck-shaped cake, which has flavours including flapjack, congress tart filling, spices, jam and gingerbread. Stacey’s described the combination as “unusual, but delicious”.

Although it is still in the development stage, customers are being invited to help decide on the finished product.

“Coming up with a new cake can be quite difficult when there is so much out there. The hardest part is the technical side of it, actually making it - coming up with something that you can make efficiently is the real challenge,” said David Stacey, owner of the century-old family bakery.

“We decided to go with a combination of some of the cakes we know our customers love. Most people in Derbyshire will be familiar with saying ‘Ay up me duck’ and it’s a common phrase in the towns where our bakery and shops are based.”

Samples will be in the shops throughout September and the final version will be on sale in October.