Stag Bakeries has launched a new range of biscuit-style snacks as the first stage of a new brand venture.

The Sweet Straws have a flaky, pastry-like texture and come in four flavours: apple & cinnamon, blackberry & basil, raspberry & chocolate and sour cherry & vanilla.

They are currently being sold to speciality retailers in 80g boxes with an RRP of £2.30 and are intended to be eaten either with hot drinks, or on their own as a snack. The company is also looking to sell to foodservice customers such as hotels.

The Straws are the first product in the bakery’s new West Coast brand, which aims to offer more innovative products than the Stornoway-based company’s main, heritage-focused ranges.

Charlie Macdonald, owner of Stag Bakeries, said: “The name West Coast was chosen as a reference to our home on the west coast of Scotland. West Coast will provide us with the flexibility to launch products that are completely different to our Stag brand.

“The opportunities are endless in terms of innovative product development and contemporary packaging. This is an exciting time and we hope that the Sweet Straws will be well received. The only cross-over with Stag will be that both brands are committed to providing an exceptional quality bakery range.”

Stag Bakeries recently won a listing in Marks & Spencer for its Smoked Dunlop Cheese Straws.