Stand aside the Cronut, for the UK has a few amazing bakery inventions of its own. The latest is the Yolkin, a macaron ice cream sandwich, from eponymous London pop-up bakery Sammie Le.

Taking Instagram by storm, the Yolkin is fast gathering momentum.

Founded last June, Sammie Le lays claim to making “the UK’s first and only macaron ice cream sandwiches”, and with flavours that include Horlicks and red velvet, it is no surprise they are selling like not-so-hot cakes. At the latest count, Sammie Le had 11,000 followers on the social network site.

The Yolkin came about when, after a particularly big macaron order, Le found herself with lots of spare egg yolks, so found an ice cream to use them up. She bought a cheap ice cream maker, made some for her children, and then came up with the idea of putting macarons and ice cream together, hence the name Yolkin, as in yolks

What’s next? Well there’s a hot cross bun flavour reportedly in the offing, to be released in time for Easter.

But Le is not alone in setting bakery trends in the UK. Ever heard of a biskie? It is the brainchild of sisters Emily and Annabel Lui, who run Soho-based bakery, Cutter and Squidge. Emily described a biskie as: “a combination of cake, biscuit and cookie, filled with buttercreams, homemade jams and caramels”.

It hit the national newspapers when it was invented in 2014, and the sisters told British Baker that people still come in to the shop “looking especially for biskies”.