Healthy ice cream brand Wheyhey has made its first foray into the ambient market with a gluten-free brownie range.

Available from May in WH Smith stores nationwide, the three flavours of brownie are: chocolate peanut, chocolate orange and chocolate coconut. Priced at £1.80 each, an individual 40g brownie packs a sizeable 10g of protein.

A unique recipe – which uses whey – imparts a “rich and indulgent taste”, according to the firm, which also produces high-protein ice cream under the Wheyhey brand.

London-based Wheyhey claimed its brownie range has the lowest sugar content of all the other leading protein snack bars and balls.

“The introduction of Wheyhey Brownies comes at a time when consumer demand for healthier snack options, such as ours, has reached an all-time high,” said Damien Kennedy, the firm’s founder.

“We launched Wheyhey in 2013 because we were infuriated by companies hoodwinking consumers with so-called ‘healthy’ foods that, in reality, were packed full of sugar.”