Ten new wheat varieties have been added to the HGCA’s Recommended Lists for 2013/14, published yesterday (3 December).

They include a nabim Group 2 bread-making wheat called Chilton, which has also provisionally been approved for export, alongside three nabim Group 3 soft varieties for biscuit-making - KWS Croft, Delphi and Monterey.

Six wheat varieties were removed from the Lists. Torch fell below the minimum standard for yellow rust and Stigg for brown rust, while the other varieties removed were Battalion, Humber, Ketchum and Warrior.

Varieties are added to the Lists when they are considered by the project’s industry consortium to bring consistent economic benefits to the industry, according to the HGCA. Inclusion is based on their performance in a wide range of categories, including grain quality, disease resistance and agronomic features.

Doctor Simon Oxley, HGCA senior research and knowledge transfer manager, responsible for the Recommended Lists, said: “The large number of varieties added and removed this year is due to breeders successfully bringing forward varieties with high yields compared to current varieties.

“When using the Lists, in addition to looking at yield, growers need to take into account regional factors, such as disease risk and markets for specific types of grain.”

Summaries of the new HGCA Recommended Lists are available at www.hgca.com/varieties. The full HGCA Recommended Lists booklet will be distributed in early 2013.

A total of 41 new cereal varieties have been added to the Lists, with 24 removed.