A new ingredients service claims it can reduce administrative, labour and storage costs by delivering pre-packaged batches of individual seasoning blend packs.

Called Lean Blending, it has been launched by 100-year-old Essex-based company Unbar Rothon, and will deliver in weights from between 10g and 25kgk to minimise stock levels and associated operational costs for customers.

With Unbar Rothon taking on the job of blending the packs, customers no longer have to deal with the storage requirements and weighing of multiple ingredients, said the company, adding it expected the service to generate significant savings across the board.

It also said the risk of cross-contamination and factory cleandown time would be reduced.

 “We have streamlined our processes, so customers no longer have to blend their own seasonings, and our sophisticated packing service reduces cross-contamination risks even further,” said Unbar Rothon director Richard Rothon.