Dawn Foods has revealed that apple crumble is the nation’s favourite dessert, according to a new survey.

The bakery manufacturer conducted an online survey to establish the UK’s dessert preferences, with nostalgic varieties proving popular, such as hot chocolate pudding which came in second, followed by sticky toffee pudding.

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager at Dawn Foods, said: “It seems people relish the thought of traditional, hot comfort food when they think about desserts.”

Of the consumers surveyed, more than 60% said they would be happy to spend up to £2.50 on desserts, while 11% would be willing to splash out more than £4.

Chocolate proved to be the most popular flavour, taking 61% of the votes, followed by strawberry and raspberry coming in at second and third. More refreshing flavours, lemon and orange, came in fourth and fifth place, with more unconventional flavours, such as mint and ginger, lagging at the back of the category.